Aquatic Injury and Death

In the Pacific Northwest, many people are injured in pools, waterparks, lakes and other bodies of water.  Tragically, some of these accidents result in drownings.  We have experience in aquatic injuries and drowning; our team will do the work necessary to hold others accountable when aquatic safety failures cause injury and death .

What is a drowning– a drowning occurs when a person has inhaled water into their lungs.  It generally happens when a person is submerged in water for a period of time.  Drowning accidents often result in death.

What is a near drowning?– a near drowning occurs when a person has almost died from being submerged in water.  Timely first aid and medical attention is extremely important for rescue efforts.  There may be lasting brain damage and respiratory complications.

Drownings or near-drownings can occur for a number of reasons at public or private pools.  They commonly occur when:

  • Pool equipment (diving boards, slides, pool ladders, pool pumps, filters and drains) are not properly maintained and inspected
  • Owners and/or employees have not provided sufficient supervision (i.e. no lifeguards, lifeguards without proper training, too few lifeguards)
  • Owners and/or employees allow the pool to become overcrowded
  • Proper safety equipment is not available (i.e. flotation devices, no AED, etc.)

At Moran Kelley, we help drowning victims and their families by investigating their cases with a team of experts in the field.

Pool injuries
Most people might associate “pool injuries” with drowning; however, many other injuries may occur in or at a pool that are just as harmful.  

Pool injuries can happen in private back yard pools or in large public pools.  Public pools do not necessarily mean safer.   Many of the injuries are caused by slippery surfaces around the pool, pool equipment that is not properly maintained, distracted adults, or inattentive lifeguards.

Common Swimming Pool Injuries:

  • Diving board injuries, concussions or spinal injuries when diving in shallow pools
  • Lacerations from rough surfaces or jagged edges
  • Skin irritation/rash from pool chemicals
  • Slip and fall-bruises, lacerations, and broken bones caused by slippery surfaces
  • Drain injuries/entrapment injuries caused by the suction of the drain.  These injuries can be severe:  disembowelment, amputation and drowning.

These injuries can be extremely traumatic to the persons involved and their families.  In some instances, these injuries require costly medical treatments and have long term effects on the individual.

When there is a pool injury, people must file insurance claims.  These claims can often be confusing with so many issues to take into account.  The Law Office of Moran Kelley is here to help you deal with the insurance companies, so you can focus on taking care of yourself and your loved ones.


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